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Deborah Ackroyd

 B.A.(Hons), MCOH, Licensed Practitioner of Meridian Therapies, MSFRT, MOC, Dip.Hyp, Dip.NLP, Dip.psyth, Dip.PLR, Dip.Para.Psychol. Dip.D.Analysis, Dip EMDR

My initial training was arts based. I completed a Foundation Course in Art and design, but went on to gain my degree in Dance, Drama and Sociology (BA Hons.) I then went on to work with people with special needs for twelve years doing arts based, therapeutic activities.

However at the age of twenty-six I had a dream which completely altered the course of my life. This dream was the first in a chain of extraordinary consciousness expanding experiences and synchronistic events, a spiritual awakening which opened me up to a whole new understanding of myself and my life and the journey I was here to undertake.

Subsequently, I undertook training with The College of Healing, then based at Runnings Park, West Malvern.

I also undertook psychic training and development with Tony Neate, the internationally renowned channeller, spiritual teacher and healer, who remains to this day a close personal friend.

Although I have trained in a number of different energy based techniques I still consider my College of Healing Training to be the foundation of my understanding and approach to the work I do.


In terms of my healing practise, I initially started out doing direct Energy Healing as I had been trained to do. However, a significant number of my clients experienced profound emotional reactions and the spontaneous recall of earlier traumatic experiences as a result of my working in their energy fields. This made me very curious about the connection between the energy field, the mind, the emotions and the effects of trauma upon the energy field. My research led me into the field of what is now known as energy psychology or energy psychotherapy.


It became evident to me that simply realigning a person’s energy field is very often not always enough to effect a permanent change. The beliefs, feelings and unmet needs a person holds also have to be changed. In other words, true healing requires a complete change in consciousness.



The most important thing I bring to my work as a Healer is my own direct, personal experience of the healing journey. I did not set out to be a Healer but the transformational life events I experienced in my mid twenties and early thirties, set me upon a path of personal healing and Self-discovery, the natural outcome of which became the desire to use the knowledge and understanding I had gained to help others.


All of the tools I use are the ones that I found worked most effectively for me. I use them creatively, in combinations and fusions tailored to the individual needs of each client, rather like an artist mixes colours to create the right shades for each unique composition.


Although I use none of these techniques in isolation, below is a brief outline of each of the fields in which I have trained.

  • Energy Healing.

The art of working directly with energy fields, be they human, animal, earth based or universal.


  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A meridian based technique which utilises bi-lateral stimulation to initiate transformation in the energy field by tapping a sequence of meridian points on the face and body. (Read blog post)


  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

This works in the same way as EFT but also utilises bi-lateral stimulation of visual and auditory fields.


  • Resonance Repatterning (formerly know as Holographic Repatterning)

This technique uses muscle checking to access and transform the energy field.


  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Very simply, NLP can be described as the study of the structure of subjective experience. It looks at the mind and how we think, how we use language and how it effects us, and how we then sequence our actions to achieve our goals.


  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is simply a natural state of trance which we slip in and out of quite frequently as a natural part of being. All formal hypnotherapy does is purposely induce this state for the specific goal of influencing the unconscious mind to initiate positive, therapeutic change.


  •  Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR)

Sometimes it may be helpful for individuals to explore their issues from a completely different perspective. PLR can shed new and previously unconsidered light upon current circumstances. (Read blog post)


  • Dream Analysis

Dreams can be a very powerful source of information about what is going on in the deeper parts of our being and knowing how to interpret and work with them can bring an extremely valuable dimension to the healing process.


  • Psychotherapy

A thorough understanding of the nature of the human psyche is essential to get the most effective results out of all the tools listed above. (Read blog post)


  • Parapsychology

My own journey has involved many highly unusual experiences which would all come under the general heading of the paranormal. This covers the whole range of experiences that have been reported for thousands of years which are an integral part of the human experience but for which the current scientific paradigm still has no adequate explanation. (Read blog post)