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  1. What is Energy psychology?

Energy psychology is based in Natural or Universal Law and the holistic view of the human being, utilising techniques from systems of energy medicine that teach people how to initiate transformation in their lives. It could perhaps best be described as a form of energy based psychotherapeutic healing.


I have trained in a number of interrelated fields which include, Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Resonance Re-patterning, Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Parapsychology, Psychotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Dream Analysis and Eye Movement Desensensitization Reprocessing.


In actual practise all of these seemingly separate tools and techniques overlap and interrelate, simply using different ways of accessing the human energy field to effect change.


My own personal journey has bought me to the direct realisation and understanding that the mind is the key to lasting and fundamental change. If you really think about it, most of our suffering comes not from the circumstances we find ourselves in, but from the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we have about those circumstances, especially the thoughts feelings and beliefs we have about ourselves.


If life is not bringing us good heath, happiness, love, success etc, we may view that as some kind of negative statement about who we are as a person – that we are unworthy, less than, not good enough, undeserving, powerless, unlovable, etc. This sets up a feedback loop of fear based thinking, sometimes at a deeply unconscious level, which then further sabotages our efforts to effect change.


It is these fear based, energetic feed back loops, (also known as psychological reversals) that energy psychology frees us from so that energy previously stuck in self defeating cycles can be liberated to work for us rather than against us.

How does Energy Psychology work?

Energy psychology works by liberating the energy field from cycles that have got stuck rather like an endlessly repeating record. These energy constrictions arise as a result of cognitive dissonance – situations in which the mind, emotions and instincts have been caused to lose their coherence so that they are no longer cooperating with each other, but pulling in opposition to each other. We experience this as anxieties, fears and conflicts. In this state we tend to go round and round in circles, unable to focus our energies in a truly resourceful manner. In this state, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are not working together either. We will be either dominated by right brain thinking (passive, unable to set clear boundaries, dominated by emotions) or left brain thinking (rigid, aggressive, dogmatic, controlling, dominated by intellect), and sometimes swinging between the two.

The energy constrictions that give rise to these conflicts always have three aspects to them. Unmet life needs, unresolved feelings, and negative beliefs rgy psychology ensure that the individual only releases as much constricted energy as they are able to safely and positively integrate at any given time.

This is crucial for those more traumatised individuals for which a feeling of safety, trust and control are a central issue.


Some of the key areas in which Energy Psychology can be of help are:


  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • overcoming anxieties and fears
  • enhancing confidence and ones sense of personal empowerment
  • overcoming debilitating feeling states such as guilt, shame jealousy and anger
  • healing trauma and post traumatic symptoms
  • enhancing performance in areas such as sports, learning, business and the arts
  • spiritual and personal development
  • dealing with the emotional impact of chronic illness


In truth, the applications of energy psychology are limitless and techniques such as EFT can be easily mastered and applied by anyone.


Energy Psychology empowers individuals to take charge of their own healing process. It liberates the individual from dependence upon an external ‘authority’ and leads them to the direct experience of their own fundamental nature as spiritual beings with limitless access to a universal energy field of light, life and love, a healing source which is available to all.