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What is Natural Law?

The holistic view which informs energy medicine is based in the principles of Natural Law, also referred to as Universal Law. From this perspective it can be understood that even our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are simply energy.

Natural or Universal Law sees that everything in creation, no matter how solid it seems to be, is energy – energy vibrating at different frequencies out of which the manifest world and all that is in it arises, including the human being.

Natural Law or Universal Law sees that in order for the manifestation of anything to occur, immutable and eternal principles are at work.

There are seven underlying principles of Natural Law, plus an eighth principle which binds them all together.

The seven principles are:

  1. All is MIND – Thoughts create things and conditions.
  1. Correspondence – as above, so below. The outer world or macrocosm and the inner world or microcosm, are reflections of each other.
  1. Vibration – all is energy in motion. The universe has no solidity as such as demonstrated by quantum physics.
  1. Polarity – everything in creation has duality or poles. However these opposites are only different in degree. They are in fact, identical in nature. (Two sides of the same coin) Therefore all differences may be reconciled for, at the level of the unified field, all is one.
  1. Rhythm – everything flows in and out. Everything has tides. All things rise and fall. The measure of the swing in one direction is the measure of its swing in the opposite direction. Rhythm compensates.
  1. Cause and effect – every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. Everything happens according to Natural Law. There are many planes of causation but nothing escapes Natural Law. You can break Natural Law but there will be consequences
  1. Gender – everything has gender. Everything has masculine and feminine aspects. Also known as Yin and Yang principles.
  1. The principle which binds all others – LOVE.

Natural Law differs fundamentally from governmental law. Natural Law is based upon the principles of Truth inherent in creation. It is eternal, immutable and universal.

Governmental law is based upon dogmatic beliefs coupled with due fear of punishment. It differs with location. It changes with time and the whim of legislators. It is therefore morally relativistic in that actions can be deemed moral in one context or place and immoral in another context or place.

True healing, by definition, can only take place in accordance with Natural Law.

The symptoms that we suffer from, whether they be spiritual, mental emotional or physical, can be managed  or alleviated  by all sorts of means but true Healing ie, the resolving of the underlying cause of our suffering, can only be achieved in accordance with Natural Law.

Therefore, healing is not a miraculous event. It is a process which takes place within the Natural Laws of creation. It may happen quickly or it may take considerable time but it always happens in accordance with Natural Law.

When we are living in alignment with Natural Law we experience:

LOVE – which opens us to the Knowledge of the Truth of who we are. This in turn gives rise to internal Self Mastery, in which we experience Freedom of Mind. Freedom of Mind allows us the exercise Free Will in accordance with Natural Law and the outcome of our actions then manifests in ORDER.

When we are not living in alignment with Natural Law we experience:

FEAR – which encloses us in Ignorance of the Truth of who we are. This in turn gives rise to confusion (cognitive dissonance). Our Minds are then not our own. Our will is no longer free, it is controlled by others. The outcome of our actions then results in DISORDER in one form or another.